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At Car Tow Dolly dotCom, we offer four dollies with features that you need; features that you want; and features that give you peace of mind when you’re on the road.Our entry-level Tow Max Heavy Duty Car Tow Dollyis outfitted witha tilting pan and locking safety collar.The electric brake compatible Premiere Car Tow Dollyis similarly outfitted, but this high-gloss black trailercomes appointed with diamond tread plate.

EZ-Haul CarTow Dolly WHBand EZ-Haul Idler Car Tow Dollyare equipped with adjustable ramps that detach for easy storage. EZ-Haul WHB is our dolly with surge brakes. And both trailers are designed with our unique stand-and-store feature. EZ load. EZ tow. EZ store.

All of our car tow trailers are constructed of heavy-duty steel and roll on high-performance tires. More importantly, when secured with the supplied heavyweight nylon wheel straps*and security chains, each tow dolly can haul cars, trucks, and SUVs with curb weights of up to 5,000 lb.

Car tow dolly advantages

When looking at options for towing an automobile behind a recreational vehicle (RV), you have a few options: flatbed trailer, tow bar, or car tow dolly (also known as a trailer tow dolly or RV tow dolly). Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages of the car tow dolly are greater than the disadvantages for most RVers.

An RV tow dolly is easier to load and easier to store than a flatbed trailer. Using a tow bar adds miles to the towed vehicle’s odometer, but using a trailer tow dolly does not. Unlike flatbed trailers and tow bars, most car tow dollies are equipped with brakes. And trailers without them can be fitted with aftermarket brakes for far less than the price of a portable braking system, which you would need to purchase if using a tow bar.